Friday, May 24, 2013

Rick Hanes Indonesian Guitar

If you are a fan of guitar or a guitarist, guitar what brand you use? Do you still love and proud to wear foreign-made guitars, such as Gibson, Fender, or Ibanez? If yes, try to think about again.

One of the products of Micro, Small and Medium Enterprises (MSMEs) in the field of musical instruments guitar Indonesia has been recognized by the music industry as well as international guitar maker.

Stringed instruments made ​​in the nation's only about 8 months of operation and immediately received with open by the music industry markets the United States (U.S.). In fact, later, Rick Hanes branded guitar successfully won 4 titles with the title of 'Guitar of the Year 2012.

Rick Hanes managed to put the guitar brand Gibson, Fender, and Ibanez is first known in the world.

Doddy Hernanto, VP Business Development and Relationship Artist Rick Hanes, stating that the guitar produced 5 series is focused targeting American and European markets so this award is an honor Rick harness production team. Affirmed, in projecting the market, the guitar is priced at approximately U.S. $ 1,250.

Three guitars which managed to shift the position of the best guitars in the world.

1.  Rick Hanes Chris Bickley DR Pro

2.  Rick Hanes Avenix
3.  Rick Hanes DR Medium

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