Friday, May 24, 2013


Since the early 1980s until recently Paul Reed Smith guitar work is considered one of the finest made, so favored by many prominent musicians. Latin American guitar player, Carlos Santana and jazz musician Al Di Meola, play two different styles of music. However, both have an equation, which is like a guitar made Paul Reed Smith.

Paul Reed Smith, the guitar maker said, "I started making guitars in my high school wood shop, in the bedroom my brother and me in the room. I rented the equipment ". Not so today. Now, artificial guitars Paul Reed Smith PRS short or made in a factory on the east coast of the state of Maryland.

Company with 260 employees that makes 13,000 guitars in America. Twenty-five thousand other guitars are made in South Korea at a cheaper price. Paul Smith earned sales revenue of 40 million dollars last year. Since its founding in 1985, the company managed to gain market share in a particular musical instrument industry. However, when asked about his business philosophy, Smith's answer is simple, he's just trying to make the best guitar as good as possible. "We questioned why we made different guitars and I have concluded that it makes the guitar very complicated, need special attention to the details," he said. Detail was most evident in the personal orders of the guitar or Private Stock, which is often considered as a combination of a work of art and musical instruments.

PRS company director, Jack Higginbotham said, making this quality guitar, starting from choosing good wood. PRS buy special wood for this guitar from all over the world, and known for its guitars maple wavy layers seamlessly. Higginbotham said the treatment process is also very important. The wood is dried slowly in a special room. Guitar set up with a computer-controlled lathe and to achieve the thousandth millimeter accuracy. All plates sanded, painted and lacquered. The neck of the guitar is done by hand. On average it took 6 weeks to make a guitar. Smith said the company's priority to perfection.

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